January 18, 2012

Hi Folks,

Please check at the top of each of your class pages for a new link to DROPitTOme: a service used for submission of files to my dropbox. We’ll use this for any online submission of assignments and whatnot: please visit your individual class pages for instructions on how to use this service. I’d appreciate it if you’d use this service instead of emailing your assignments to me: it helps with the organization, as all of the files submitted by this method end up in the same place!

Also, please note that due dates have been added to assignments (EG1430 thus far, but this will proceed for all courses). Due dates will be enforced this semester so note them and stick to them! If I hand back the assignment before you hand it in, your work will not be accepted. No “stacks of late assignments” will be accepted this semester!


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