Test #3: Properties of Materials issues

February 26, 2014

Hi folks,

So as you’re all probably aware this test wasn’t my best work, and it impacted some of you negatively. I heard a number of suggestions, and while I appreciate them, there are some that I simply can’t justify (ie. dropping the lowest mark). That said, one of your classmates made a suggestion that (despite my shooting it down at the time) the more I think about, the better it sounds.

I checked into our ability to change weight on assessments, and as long as I don’t change the overall weight, and still give some weight to the test, I can proceed with that. So I’ve decided that I’m going to reduce the weight placed on this particular assessment. I haven’t decided yet what that change will be, but it’ll likely be at least a couple of the 5 marks that test is worth moved elsewhere. We can certainly chat about to where these marks will travel, but I think the best choice from my perspective is to spread them evenly between the other tests.

I’ll let you know how it turns out in the end and give you some idea how it’ll impact your final grade. Thanks to Megan  for the suggestion. It was one I hadn’t thought about and I appreciate the input.

Thanks for your patience, folks! Don’t stress about these tests. My goal is for all of you to pass and I’ll work with you to ensure that happens.


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