Next Week and Exam Prep!

April 11, 2014

Thing number 1:
Next week we discussed setting aside the lab sections for makeup labs in the case that groups have missed labs for closures, etc. Given that certain groups would be responsible for this while others wouldn’t be, this would mean some groups receiving more review than others. In the interest of fairness, we’re going to instead set aside all of next week’s labs as tutorial periods.

These tutorials are open to all students, regardless of the slot you’re supposed to be in. That said, don’t skip a class or another lab to come to a tutorial. There will be plenty of time to get your questions answered.

My tutorial schedule for next week:


1pm-2pm – RM 230
2pm-4pm – Physics Lab


9am-1pm – Physics Lab
2pm-3pm – Help Centre
3pm-4pm – RM 230


10am-11am – RM109
11am-1pm – Physics Lab
2pm-4pm – Physics Lab


11am-12noon – RM230

Anyone is welcome to attend in any slot they’re not already required to be elsewhere. This is also open to members of Tony Biles and Dave Hiscock’s classes as well, should they so choose! The more the merrier!

Thing number 2:
Please find an old final exam at the top of the PH1101 page. Bear in mind that the format of this exam is very different than this year… it has all long-answer type questions, whereas the Winter ’14 exam will be 20 theory MC, 20 math MC, and 4 of 5 multi-part long answers. It will still give you a window into the type of exam questions I ask. All 6 tests have been posted as well; you can find those at the end of each unit.

Best of luck with your studies, folks, and get those questions ready for the marathon tutorial sessions next week!



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