Couple of pre-exam things

April 21, 2014

Hi folks,

So, time is getting short: sad! A couple of things:

1. I’ve gotten a number of emails from students who are asking for me to compile for them their final grades. You have the same information that I have folks, and I’m not planning on compiling the grades until the minute I submit them to the main office, so I’ll ask that you figure that out on your own. If you want some idea of what you’re going into the final with, perform this calculation:

a) average your tests marks, multiply by 0.3
b) add approximately 10 for labs, and approximately 10 for assignments, if you’ve done them all

This number is a ballpark average for your grade out of 50. Your exam constitutes the other 50 marks.

2. I’ve extended the due dates for all assignments until tonight. Happy Easter, you’re welcome! Remember this kind of thing when you’re filling out your Course Evaluation Questionnaires! šŸ™‚ Now is your chance to get that assignment grade. Get whatever work done you’re planning on getting done before midnight tonight.

3. The light test has been uploaded to the website. Marks are not yet available as they’re still being corrected.



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