PH1050 – Take-home test

November 5, 2014


The take-home test is now available for download in the PH1050 section of the site, near the top of the page. Have at it! Remember that it is due on the day you return for classes next week after the mid-term break (Wednesday) whether I meet with your group or not; if I don’t see you a dropbox will be set up outside my office. The option of online submission is available as well, simply scan the last page and scan/type your answers, and submit them to my Dropbox using the instructions on the PH1050 site.

Good luck, and enjoy your break! This test shouldn’t take too much of the weekend, especially if you get at it immediately!

ETA: I’m about to add a .pdf of the test for anyone who has trouble with the .docx. Sorry!



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