Final Worksheet Answer Key

June 24, 2015

Hi folks,

I’ve got an answer key for the final worksheet sitting here but no access to a scanner. Sorry. It’ll get scanned at some point in the next couple of hours and posted ASAP. In the meantime, that is perhaps a good thing: one of the issues I wanted to address from the last test is the memorization of theory instead of trying to understand it. When the memorization is incomplete, what is written often doesn’t even make sense. Instead of trying to remember a piece of text word for word, you’re better off trying to understand what it is saying and trying to write it in your own words. At least that is something that’ll likely be in proper English sentences!

The numerical solutions are as follows:

2b) XL = 151 ohms, XC = 177 ohms,  Z = 123 ohms, phase angle = -0.213 rad.
3b) requires some derivation that if you can do you’re in good shape, but in the end, f = 54.9 Hz

In the meantime, the answers to each of the other questions asked on the worksheet are in your notes; think of the worksheet as a study guide for this final unit. Develop your own answers and then just check them against the answer key in a couple of hours time.



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