Tomorrow’s Tests

March 10, 2016

Hi folks,

It seems a number of people were unclear about this morning’s post, or were receiving incomplete information about it. I thought it was clear that I was soliciting responses about postponing the tests and that a final decision would not be made until the afternoon/evening, but since making that final decision to go ahead with the tests, I have received a number of emails from students who had, for whatever reason, jumped to the conclusion that the tests had been postponed.

Folks, let me be clear about why things went down like they did. When I schedule a test, or any in-class activity, I treat that scheduling like a contract between myself and you guys, and if I’m going to break that contract and change the date of the test, I need to be sure that the whole class is okay with that change as well. It was for this reason that I asked for anyone who objects to drop me a line, and that we’d only reschedule the tests if I received no objections. To do so is, from my perspective, breaking my word to those students. While I think my absence today is not really much of an excuse to reschedule the test (students who wanted questions answered had class time and help centre access to me over the past week), I knew there would be a few students who would be looking for last minute help or who wanted to get their assignment #5 back before the test, so I thought it only fair to put the option to postpone on the table. But that’s all it ever was, ie. the option to postpone!

I’m honestly at a bit of a loss because I think, especially given my last post, there will be students who will be pissed off no matter what I decide to do. The best thing I can say is that I can’t please you all and so I’m going to try to offer an option that will hopefully please most of you. I’m going to postpone both tests until your respective next classes (ie. Tuesday for G and H, Wednesday for E and F), but for anyone who objected via email to me today to the change, I’ll let you write it tomorrow. Note that this only applies to those students who voted to keep the original test date: I can’t offer this option to any other students. I’m not sure how best to handle that, as it would compromise your anonymity, but I’ll contact you all individually to discuss our options.

To be clear to the rest of you, class will go ahead as planned tomorrow. Any students who will be writing the test tomorrow will be accommodated without any class interruption.

I’m sure that postponing the tests after making the announcement not to do so will solicit another round of emails from people, but this will be the final word on the dates of the test.

Sorry for any confusion. I hope this meets the needs of most of you.



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