This Week (April 4th – 8th)

April 4, 2016

Hi folks,

Hope you enjoyed your break!

As we enter the last full week of classes, I’d like to manage the schedule in order to give everyone the opportunity to experience all of the labs and to do some extra assessment if need be. Given that it is generally frowned upon to do assessment in that last week of classes, we’re going to make the extra assessments optional. Here’s what that means:

Tuesday: in the 12:30 slot (group H is typically in here), we’ll be having an OPTIONAL LAB 9 for all groups. If you’re in group H, this lab is OPTIONAL FOR YOU just like everyone else.

Wednesday and Friday: lab 8 for groups E, F, and G will go ahead as scheduled.

Friday: at 2:30 PM (room to be announced, one of the 2nd floor F block classes will likely be the one), we’ll be having an OPTIONAL TEST 5 for all groups. This test will cover units 9 and 10.

PLEASE NOTE: you are NOT required to participate in any of the above optional assessments. If you don’t, your assessments up to this point will constitute your final grade (ie. tests are worth 30%; if you write 4 tests they’re worth 30/4 or 7.5 each, if you write 5 they’re worth 30/5 or 6 each).

Any questions, drop me a line!


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