PH1100 – Finishing Up

December 7, 2018

Hi folks,

Just a couple of FYI things:

Due to today’s late opening, PH1100 – G did not get an opportunity to finish the last of the notes. Given this, there will be a couple of topics that will NOT appear on the final exam:
– center of mass for a system of particles (the last topic in unit 8)
– impulse and the impulse/momentum theorem (the first topic in unit 8; we were going to return to it but couldn’t)

We’ll also be limiting our treatment of momentum and collisions to 1-dimensional collisions, ie. no angles before or after the collision.

I’ve scheduled a tutorial for Monday afternoon (December 10th) starting at 1pm in the physics lab. There is no end time for the tutorial; we’ll go until you folks have run out of questions. I’ll have any outstanding tests and assignments to return at that point. Just a note, all assignments up to number 5 have been returned at this point, so I’ll only be accepting assignment 6 on Monday.

Cheers, and see you Monday afternoon,


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